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Whale watching with @tarynmartinez is fun. #vscocam #afterlight #whalesaredope (at Pacific Ocean)

Whale watching with @tarynmartinez is fun. #vscocam #afterlight #whalesaredope (at Pacific Ocean)

Hope it was worth it, Arizona State Legislature! You’re making your state look so wonderful and friendly! 

Open letter to AZ Gov. Jan Brewer regarding SB1062/HB2153

Governor Brewer,
I’m sure nobody will read this and it probably won’t make a difference because sending emails to my two so called District “Representatives” didn’t make much of a difference either. Arizona leadership isn’t too kind to the opinions of the people that they’re supposed to represent. They’re much more interested in making the zealots happy. If anything, this letter is just therapeutic. Think of it like a blog that no one is reading. Or maybe like Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s journal, where he writes fictional stories about finding President Obama’s real birth certificate in Kenya before he writes about what a Mexican-free Arizona might look like. 
You may or may not be aware of this but the Republican Party has a minority problem. They also have a youth problem. They have quite a bit of problems actually. My guess is that you’re in denial about this issue. “Real Americans are tired of Obama and the GOP will take back the White House in 2016. All Republicans need to do is get back to their core values of legislating abortion and banning gay marriage.” I’ve heard it all before. Unfortunately for you and your GOP pals, that simply won’t work. I really don’t care if you take my advice though. I’m enjoying this train wreck and seeing the Republican Party self-destruct is such a beautiful sight. 
So, Jan, my advice to you is this: Don’t sign SB1062/HB2153. It is estimated that LGBT population in Arizona is nearly 200,000. That’s like a lot of gay people. The population of Gilbert is 208,000. (Please don’t consider shoving all the gays in Gilbert and building a border fence around it.) And last I checked, your job as governor is to protect those 200,000 gays. I know, I know. Homosexuality is sin so they deserve less rights. I get it. But they’re still people and your responsibilities as governor doesn’t stop at them just because you don’t agree with their lifestyle. This bill is atrocious and the entire country is laughing at the Arizona State Legislature. Sure, some rednecks in Oklahoma at a bar might be applauding them and probably so is Ted Nugent but last I checked, 55% of people in the United States support same-sex marriage and 55% also support it in Arizona. Oh, and the last time I checked was 5 seconds ago. Google is an amazing tool. I also just checked that your approval rating is at 31%. Sorry, now we’re getting off topic. Back to the issue: I know that SB1062/HB2153 isn’t about same-sex marriage but public opinion on that topic is a clear indicator on the public opinion of this ridiculous bill. 
While businesses discriminating against the LGBT community in the name of religious freedom is horrible enough, the poorly written bill allows for endless discrimination for so many different reasons. What if I own a restaurant and a part of my Christian beliefs is practicing pacifism. If a member of the military or a police officer walks in, do I now have legal ground to ask them to leave? What if they’re fat? Gluttony is a sin. Can a Jew now discriminate against a Muslim or vice versa? The Book of Mormon teaches that people with dark skin are cursed. Can the owner of a store that sells life sized cutouts of Mitt Romney refuse to serve black people? These are all “What if” questions but they’re all 100% valid. And I only ask these questions because the bill is so broad. When does religious freedom end? 
I’m actually a Christian myself. I’m a pretty terrible one but I’m still a Christian. I even attend a church. I’m also a small business owner in the wedding industry. So this bill gives me a license to discriminate. I just had a Buddhist couple inquire with me the other day. Am I now allowed to deny them service because I’m against their evil Buddhist way of life? Regardless of whether or not you sign the bill, I’m still happy to work with this Buddhist couple. Why? Because they’re my fellow humans and I don’t give a shit if they’re Buddhist. I don’t even give a shit if the groom enjoys humping desk chairs. Who gives a fuck? I don’t. Zero fucks. No fucks at all. Having said that, please don’t give me a license to discriminate. I don’t want it. And please don’t give it to those who would use it. This bill is dangerous and it’s hurtful to the LGBT community. I know that you don’t really care about them but maybe you should start because society is moving forward and you’re being left behind. Our future has no place for people like you if you continue on your quest to destroy the LGBT community. 
This bill sits at your desk now and everybody is watching. Veto the bill and you can cause a shift in how the LGBT community sees the Republican Party. Sign the bill and you can continue on the runaway car that is the modern GOP. It’s up to you. Religious freedom is meant to lift people up. It’s not meant as a tool for discrimination and it’s certainly not a weapon. For once, be a governor. Do your job and protect the people of Arizona. 
I hope this finds you well. Really well. Because I just wasted an hour writing this stupid thing.
Kris Hanson
Just around the riverbend #vscocam #afterlight

Just around the riverbend #vscocam #afterlight

Submarine Taryn #vscocam #afterlight  (at Broadway Pier)

Submarine Taryn #vscocam #afterlight (at Broadway Pier)

Fun fun fun with @tarynmartinez #vscocam #afterlight

Fun fun fun with @tarynmartinez #vscocam #afterlight

Bruce Springsteen

—Born to Run


born to run // bruce springsteen

oh, baby, this town rips the bones from your back
it’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap
we gotta get out while we’re young
'cause tramps like us, baby, we were born to run

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